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How many types of Hearing Aids are there ?

Publish Date : 2022-02-12 02:48:18

There are several types of hearing aids, and each person should choose one that fits their hearing loss level and lifestyle.


Behind the Ear (BTE)Behind the Ear (BTE) – In this style, the electronics components are housed in a case that fits behind the ear. Tubing connects the case to an earmold inside the ear. This can be a good choice for those with significant hearing loss.


Mini RIC hearing aid - Pureā„¢ 312 Nx. - Signia - remote-controlledReceiver In Canal (RIC) – Also called Receiver in Ear (RIE), this is the most popular style. It uses a thin wire and a snug silicone “dome” or earmold to attach to the ear.


CIC Hearing Aid from StarkeyCompletely in the Ear (CIC) – These hearing aids fit tight inside the ear and are the least visible type. The small size prevents it from being as effective in eliminating background noise or having volume adjustment.


In the Canal (ITC)In the Canal (ITC) – Custom-fitted, this style fits partially in the ear canal. It is slightly larger than CIC so it can accommodate more features like a directional microphone.


In the Ear (ITE)Invisible In the Canal (IIC) - ICC hearing aids are very small  that are almost – if not entirely – invisible. The only part that can be visible is a small wire that is attached to the aid, which you hold on to take the device in or out. ICC devices are similar to completely-in-canal hearing aids, ICC hearing aids are just slightly smaller and sit further down in the ear canal.


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